What are your accommodations like?

We stay in Budget - to 5-star hotels , Villas and apartments, each hand-picked for its charming ambiance or setting. On occasion, we may stay in a simpler B&B or inn in order not to miss out on an especially beautiful region. All rooms have private baths. Whenever possible, we stay in or close to a village or town so that you can explore on foot, shop, or soak up the local color in a pub or cafe.

Do you charge a single supplement if I come alone?

We welcome single travelers, and charge a single supplement only if you reserve your tour less than 45 days before the departure date. If we are able to match you with a roommate, we will refund the supplement charge. If you wish to be guaranteed a private room, the single supplement always applies.

Do you allow children on your trips?

While our tours are designed primarily for adults, we welcome children as young as twelve years old if they are accompanied by a parent. All children must be competent, and should be comfortable socially with a group of adults. More frequently, we've seen parents touring with their 40-something "children!"

Can you provide references for the tour I'm interested in?

Certainly! Let us know which tour(s) you're considering, and we'll be happy to provide names and e-mail addresses or telephone numbers of past participants.

What's the minimum age for children on a family trip?

We understand all children are different, which is why we offer a recommended minimum age for each trip. The minimum age on all our family adventures is five but we do offer trips for older children.

My child is a fussy eater. Will there be special meals for kids?

We eat at local restaurants that serve a great variety of freshly made, delicious food. So you should be able to find a few dishes that you like. Special kids' menus are not always available in some countries. If you're worried, we recommend you try some of the local dishes at home together before you go.

What if my child has a food allergy?

We will do our best to accommodate any food requirements on trip, please advise our Travel Consultants before you book. However in some restaurants, it may be difficult to ascertain that food is completely allergen free. If you are in any doubt, we advise you take along snacks from home and use the same precautions as you would at home.

Do parents and children spend all their time together?

Our small group adventure style means we're often out on the road, experiencing new places or trying out a new activity together. But we know that sometimes parents want to relax with other adults and children don't always want mum and dad cramping their style. We find that during free time and in the evenings, the kids all gather together, whilst the adults relax close by. However parent supervision is a must at all times.

Can children from different families share rooms if they like?

Children can become fast friends on our trips and often want to know if they can share rooms and have sleepovers. If there is space to shuffle once you have been handed your room keys, we are happy for parents to decide on rooming arrangements, as they feel suitable.

What will the hotel facilities be like?

No two hotels are alike on our adventures. You might stay in small guesthouses, eco-lodges, camps, old Houses, Villas and hotels. As you can imagine, facilities will vary but our standards do not and we choose accommodation that is clean and comfortable with modern amenities.

Can children opt out of activities if they like?

Yes, everyone is free to opt out of activities. Depending on the activity, it may be possible to join the group and watch or you may prefer to stay at the hotel and do some independent exploring of your own. Parents are responsible for their children at all times, so if your child does wish to opt out, you will need to stay with them.

Please note that on trekking trips, it will be more difficult to opt out of trekking. Please chat with one of our Travel Consultants if you're not sure.

We are going on a walking trip, do we need to buy specialist footwear for our children?

We recommend you take comfortable, sturdy trainers for your children to wear on long walks. If you're joining one of our family treks, the terrain can be steep in places and rain is always a possibility, so choose a pair that is waterproof with a good grip. The most important thing is to wear them in before you go.

Are Group Leaders trained to work with children?

Yes. We choose leaders who are friendly, organized and absolute naturals with kids. Our Group Leaders understand the needs of parents and undertake rigorous training when they join us.

Do Group Leaders provide childcare?

No, your Group Leader is on hand to handle all the logistics and ensure your trip runs smoothly. Parents are responsible for their children at all times.

This is my first bike tour. Will I be left behind?

Leave your worries behind! We encourage you to ride at your own pace, and you'll have your own set of maps and written route directions. Your guides will know that this is your first tour, and will give you as much support as you like. We do recommend that you read our tour descriptions and ratings carefully and choose a trip that fits your abilities. Your tour confirmation packet will include training tips and a training schedule customized for the tour you've chosen. With the camaraderie of fellow cyclists and the support of our guides and van, you might be surprised at what you can do!